1st Year Geometry and Measurement

This course includes topics from the UBE 'Mensuration and Geometry Theme' for Primary 1. It also includes topics from other international curriculums.

Learners will be:

  • Comparing, describing and using the vocabulary for lengths (long, short, tall, longer, shorter, taller)

  • Comparing, describing and using the vocabulary for mass/weight (heavy, light, heavier, lighter)

  • Comparing, describing and using the vocabulary for capacity and volume
  • Compare, describe and use the vocabulary for time(quicker, slower, earlier, later), days of the week, months and years, tell the time to  O'clock and half past, measure and begin to record time in minutes and seconds

  • Recognise and know the different value different denominations of coins and notes

  • Recognising and naming 2D shapes including rectangles, circles and triangles

  • Recognising and naming 3D shapes including cuboids, pyramids, spheres and cylinder